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About the course

This exciting AI video course, “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations!”, empowers kids aged 10-16 to unleash their inner party planners and create personalized video invitations with the help of artificial intelligence.

This interactive course combines the thrill of dinosaurs with the power of technology, allowing your child to: Craft a memorable birthday message: We guide them through crafting a fun and informative message that sets the tone for their awesome dino party.

Design a visually appealing invitation: Using user-friendly online tools, they’ll learn to incorporate cool visuals, animations, and even add their own creative flair. Explore the magic of AI: We introduce them to the concept of AI in a safe and age-appropriate way, showing them how it can be used to enhance their invitations. empowers anyone, regardless of experience, to bring their ideas to life through captivating videos. By the end of the course, your child will be proud to share their dino-mite video invitations with friends and family, creating a lasting impression for their special celebration.


The first lesson of our exciting course, “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations,” lays the foundation for your child’s journey into becoming a whiz-kid party planner. This engaging lesson focuses on:

  • Building a Compelling Message: We guide children aged 10-16 through crafting a personalized birthday message that’s both informative and sets the tone for their upcoming dino-themed bash.
  • Unleashing Imagination: Through interactive activities and age-appropriate discussions, we encourage them to think creatively and incorporate their unique ideas into the message.
  • Key Information Highlighted: Children learn the importance of including essential details in the invitation, such as the guest of honor’s name, date and time of the party, and the location.

    Here’s a Sneak Peek into Lesson 1 Activities:

    • Brainstorming Session: We spark children’s creativity by asking them to imagine they are planning a birthday party. What information would their friends need to know?
    • Key Information Review: In collaboration with the students, we create a list of essential details that should be included in a birthday invitation.
    • Message Drafting Fun: Children get hands-on experience by crafting their own personalized birthday messages, incorporating their creative flair and adhering to the key information learned.

Lesson 2 of our “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations” course is where the real party planning magic begins! Here, your child transforms from an ordinary guest into a junior creative director, crafting an invitation that’s as unique as they are.

Learning Made Easy and Engaging:

  • Interactive Activities: We keep things exciting with fun games and activities that make learning enjoyable and engaging.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Clear instructions ensure a smooth experience, even for beginners. Your child will feel confident as they navigate the online tools and unleash their creativity.
  • Encouraging Individuality: This course goes beyond providing a template. We empower your child to personalize their invitations, allowing them to express their unique style and add special touches that make their creation truly their own.

Calling all aspiring dino party planners! Buckle up for lesson 3 of our “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations” course, where your child takes a leap into the world of special effects using

This exciting lesson is designed to transform their invitations from ordinary to extraordinary by:

  • Unveiling the Toolbox: We’ll introduce your child to the amazing effects library within This treasure trove holds a variety of animation options, sound effects, and even text overlays, ready to add an extra layer of magic to their invitations.
  • Animation Hands-on: Imagine a T-Rex roaring across the screen or a Pterodactyl soaring through the air! This lesson equips your child with the skills to incorporate these cool animations, bringing their invitations to life with dynamic movements.

By the end of this lesson, your child will be a master of adding special effects, transforming their invitations into interactive and visually stunning masterpieces. Get ready to witness their dino-mite creations come alive with roars, animations, and captivating sounds!

Lesson 4 of our “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations” course takes your child’s video invitation to the next level, transforming it from a simple message into a visually stunning masterpiece.

Gearing Up for Animation Extravaganza:

  • Animation Workshop: This lesson delves into the exciting world of animation! Your child will explore age-appropriate animation tools within the platform, learning how to make their invitations come alive.
  • Dino Dance Party: Imagine text elements bouncing like playful dinosaurs or the birthday message erupting from a mini volcano – the animation possibilities are endless! Through guided exercises, your child will gain the skills to incorporate these fun effects, adding a touch of magic to their invitations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Master the Art of Animation: Your child will gain practical experience in using age-appropriate animation tools to add dynamic elements to their video invitations.
  • Become a Sound Specialist: They’ll explore the world of sound effects and background music, learning how to incorporate these elements to create a truly immersive video experience.

Get ready to take your child’s video invitations to the next level in this lesson of our “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations” course! This exciting lesson delves into the world of captions and voiceovers, transforming their creations from visually stunning to truly interactive and engaging.

Here’s a glimpse into the adventure that awaits:

  • Unlocking Accessibility: Lesson 5 introduces the concept of captions, those nifty text overlays that appear on the screen. Your child will learn how captions can make their invitations more inclusive by ensuring everyone, regardless of hearing ability, can easily grasp the party details.
  • The Power of Voice: This lesson also explores the exciting world of voiceovers. Imagine the guest of honor’s voice personally inviting their friends to the party! We’ll guide your child through the process of adding voiceovers, using either their own voice or even text-to-speech options, to create a truly personalized touch.
  • A Touch of Polish: Adding captions and voiceovers isn’t just about functionality; it’s about adding a layer of polish and professionalism to the final product. Your child will learn how to effectively place captions, choose appropriate voiceover tones, and ensure everything comes together seamlessly for a roar-some viewing experience.

The moment your child has been waiting for has arrived! In lesson 6 of our “Dino-Mite Birthday Invitations” course, they’ll transform from dino-loving students into full-fledged party invitation distributors.

  • Saving the Masterpiece: All that creative energy poured into crafting the perfect invitation deserves to be preserved. We’ll guide your child through the simple process of saving their video invitation within This ensures they have a readily accessible copy to share with their friends and family.
  • Sharing Made Easy: Once the invitation is saved, it’s time to spread the party cheer! We’ll introduce various methods for sharing the video invitation, empowering your child to choose the option that best suits them.