Code Explorers​

About the course

The Code Explorers is a course that helps your kid to understand coding using Scratch with some advanced topics where kids build and run advanced programs and games using Scratch. To enroll in this course it is recommended that one should have basic knowledge of scratch or atleast must have completed our programming beginner course S-I.

The Scratch course has been designed by MIT. Scratch offers a fun and accessible way to explore the fundamentals of computer science. Lets unlock your creativity, problem-solving skills, and digital literacy through the magic of Scratch programming!!!!


Kids will understand

  • How to code for basic arithmetic operators(+,-,/,*)
  • How to get the user input

Kids will learn about –

  • Students will learn about the OR operator.
  • Students will learn IF condition.
  • Students will learn REPEAT UNTIL condition.

This project will help-

  • Students will learn about X position and Y position.
  • Students will learn about (>;<,==) operators.

In this lesson-

  • Students will learn how to create a clone.
  • Students will learn how to change the direction of the sprite.
  • Students will learn how to create a game using three sprites.

Kids will understand about

  • How to create a variable.
  • How to clone the object.
  • How to move the object in different angle.

Kids will understand – 

  • Animate all the objects.
  • Find appropriate music to the background.
  • Play against the computer to Win the Game.
  • Updating the Score counter on every Win.